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Bottle Sealing Wax


Bottle Sealing Wax Calwax offers blends of sealing waxes with varying colors and viscosities. Our sealing waxes have excellent adhesion properties and are fully tested for use in sealing wine bottles, liquor vessels, various glass and metal containers and may be used in general coating applications. All applications provide a tough coating that preserves freshness, flavor and fragrance.

Calwax bottle seal waxes provide FDA approved waxes and FDA dyes that will enhance the presentation of your product. Available colors: Black, blue, burgundy, holiday red, gold, green, orange, silver natural (uncolored), white and yellow. Custom colors are also available with minimum purchase quantities.

Bottle sealing comes available in bead form, making it easier to melt down, improving productivity and handling. Bottle seal can be applied in a variety of methods from hand dipping to capping.

Calwax is offering a new line of bottle seal wax referred to as “CalGlo”. This product is excellent in a night setting utilizing a “glow in the dark’ dye that is blended into wax which enables it to glow with no light present. This will essentially set you apart from the competition as we are the first to introduce this concept to the market.

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