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Depilatory Wax


Depilatory WaxCalwax provides a hard and soft depilatory wax for hair removal. For those that do not like to shave everyday, Calwax’s depilatory wax will keep you soft for days and days. Calwax’s depilatory wax is a cost effective alternative to laser hair removal.

Calwax’s depilatory wax blends are all-natural, made with beeswax.

Soft Wax: Calwax’s soft depilatory wax is used as a strip wax. Apply the wax and use a strip to remove. This product is great for large body areas.

Hard Wax: Calwax’s hard depilatory wax is applied thicker than a soft wax. There is no strip needed for removal. Once the wax dries and hardens, peel the wax off. This product is formulated to be used in small body sections.

Calwax’s abilities include private labeling, toll manufacturing and special formulating.

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